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Chicken Mango Tacos


three grilled chicken tacos - mango salsa, mexican cheese, and red pepper ranch (corn tortillas)

Tortilla Choice (Chicken Mango Taco):Corn Tortillas Flour Tortillas Hard Corn Tortilla Lettuce Cups
Side Choice:Rice & Black Beans Rice & Pinto Beans Side Salad with No Dressing +$3Side Salad with Ranch +$3Side Salad with Red Pepper Ranch +$3Side Salad with Sweet Pico Vinaigrette Dressing +$3Sweet Potato Fries +$3No Rice - Extra Pinto Beans No Rice - Extra Black Beans No Beans - Extra Rice No Side
Chicken Mango - MODS:NO Mango Salsa Side Mango Salsa NO Mexican Cheese Side Mexican Cheese NO Red Pepper Ranch Side Red Pepper Ranch
Togo Silverware:Togo Silverware
Drinks *ID REQUIRED FOR BEER/MARGS!* *ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES FOR PICK UP ONLY!* (IF YOU ORDER FOR DELIVERY THEY WILL NOT BE IN YOUR ORDER)!!!!:No Drink Bottled Water +$2Coke +$2Diet Coke +$2Sprite +$2Gold Peak Sweet Tea +$2.508oz Classic Margarita +$148oz Spicy Margarita +$148oz Texas Margarita +$178oz Mango Margarita +$15.508oz Strawberry Margarita +$15.508oz Coconut Margarita +$15.508oz Peach Margarita +$15.5016oz Classic Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$2616oz Spicy Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$2616oz Texas Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$3516oz Strawberry Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$2816oz Mango Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$2816oz Coconut Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$2816oz Peach Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$2816oz Frozen Margarita +$1416oz Frozen Texas Margarita +$1716oz Frozen Strawberry Margarita +$15.5016oz Frozen Mango Margarita +$15.5016oz Frozen Coconut Margarita +$15.5016oz Frozen Peach Margarita +$15.50Modelo Especial +$5.50Dox XX Ambar +$5.50Dos XX Lager +$5.50Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing +$7Truly Wild Berry +$6

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