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Veggie Tacos


three sautéed zucchini and yellow squash tacos - black beans, red onion, cotija cheese, and avocado (corn tortillas) served with salsa jalapeño

Beans Choice:Black Beans Pinto Beans No Beans
Tortilla Choice (Veggie Taco):Corn Tortillas Flour Tortillas Hard Corn Tortilla Lettuce Cups
Side Choice:Rice & Black Beans Rice & Pinto Beans Side Salad with No Dressing +$3Side Salad with Ranch +$3Side Salad with Red Pepper Ranch +$3Side Salad with Sweet Pico Vinaigrette Dressing +$3Sweet Potato Fries +$3No Rice - Extra Pinto Beans No Rice - Extra Black Beans No Beans - Extra Rice No Side
Veggie Tacos - MODS:NO Beans Side Beans No Zucchini Side Zucchini NO Squash Side Squash NO Red Onion Side Red Onion NO Cotija Cheese Side Cotija Cheese NO Avocado Side Avocado NO Salsa Jalapeno
Togo Silverware:Togo Silverware
Drinks *ID REQUIRED FOR BEER/MARGS!* *ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES FOR PICK UP ONLY!* (IF YOU ORDER FOR DELIVERY THEY WILL NOT BE IN YOUR ORDER)!!!!:No Drink Bottled Water +$2Coke +$2Diet Coke +$2Sprite +$2Gold Peak Sweet Tea +$2.508oz Classic Margarita +$148oz Spicy Margarita +$148oz Texas Margarita +$178oz Mango Margarita +$15.508oz Strawberry Margarita +$15.508oz Coconut Margarita +$15.508oz Peach Margarita +$15.5016oz Classic Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$2616oz Spicy Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$2616oz Texas Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$3516oz Strawberry Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$2816oz Mango Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$2816oz Coconut Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$2816oz Peach Margarita (makes 3 margaritas) +$2816oz Frozen Margarita +$1416oz Frozen Texas Margarita +$1716oz Frozen Strawberry Margarita +$15.5016oz Frozen Mango Margarita +$15.5016oz Frozen Coconut Margarita +$15.5016oz Frozen Peach Margarita +$15.50Modelo Especial +$5.50Dox XX Ambar +$5.50Dos XX Lager +$5.50Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing +$7Truly Wild Berry +$6

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